George Kistiakowsky was a physicist and chemist of the Ukrainian origin. In 1944-1945 he was the technical director of the Explosives Research Laboratory in Los Alamos, USA. He was one of the authors of nuclear weapons. Kistiakowsky was born in 1900 in Kyiv and then immigrated to Germany where he gained a degree in photochemistry at the University of Berlin. Later he moved to the United States. In 1940-44, he was a Member of the American Committee for National Defense. In 1959-61, he was a Special Assistant to the President Dwight Eisenhower. For many years he managed the state programs in the area of science and technologies. Kistiakowky became a prominent anti-war activist in the final years of his career.

Mykhailo Pikhota

Project categories: 50 inventions bestowed by Ukraine to the world


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