The old ones shall be honoured, the young ones shall be taught

Andriy Nosiar, 9 years old, Germany

Hello friends! My name is Andriyko Nosiar. Lately, my family and I moved to German town Bitterfeld-Wolfen. I love my family very much. I became a part of this family quite recently – just three years ago. My father Christian is a Dutch. He speaks six languages, including Ukrainian, because he lived in Ukraine for more than 10 years. My mother`s name is Oksana. She also speaks several languages and even translates foreign books. My older sister is Christina. She has been a member of our family for over 10 years. My younger brothers` names are Philip and Lucas.

Interestingly, there is a Goitzsche lake, or, as it is also called – Amber Lake close to our town. It is so huge that for us, kids, it seems like a real sea. There is even a pirate ship, however, the pirates are kind. They give a sea ride to everyone interested and tell them the history of our town and the sea. My brothers and I have a dream: we want to ask the pirates to raise Ukrainian national flag over their ship. We brought this fl ag and vyshyvankas [traditional Ukrainian embroi- dered shirts] from our homeland.

We study foreign languages, yet we follow Taras Shevchenko`s commandment and do not forget our native tongue. We try to behave politely here because we understand that we represent our native country. To represent our country in the world is a very responsible mission. We want to fulfi ll this mission to the best of our abilities.

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