Faithful earth, unfaithful sea

Periklis Agriopulos-Ananevych, 8 years old, Greece

My name is Periklis Agriopulos. I was born in Greece. My father Georgiy is a Greek, my mother Natalia is a Ukrainian. I have an older sister Alevtina. My grandparents – Mykhailo and Galina – still live in Ukraine. I love them very much. My mother tells me a lot about Ukraine, including the history of this wonderful country. It is from my mother`s stories that I learned about the Cossacks – famous Ukrainian heroes who fought against their enemies. My mother taught me Ukrainian prayers.

In the picture, I painted what I liked the most – the national heroes. In Greece, we have Tsolias, also known as Evzone; in Ukraine, there is a Cossack. I depicted them being friends. They have a lot in common: they are strong, courageous, noble, handsome warriors who defend- ed their lands and their people from the enemy. There is also the Acropolis in the pic- ture. This citadel was constructed two and a half thousand years ago, during the reign of Pericles which is known as the Golden Age of Athens. My name is Periklis too.

There is also an angel, a messenger of peace, in the painting. An angel with Ukrainian fl ag brings peace and blesses Ukraine. I want peace to come to Ukraine!

I want Ukrainian kids to no longer hear the horri- ble word “war”. May God save Ukraine!

Project categories: My flag goes where I go

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