The road to a friend`s house is never long

Valeriya Christensen, 12 years old, Denmark

Hello! My name is Valeriya, I live in Denmark. My mother is a Ukrainian and father is a Dane. I like Denmark, but I also miss Ukraine, where my relatives and friends live. On Saturdays, I attend Ukrainian school in Vejle. This is the very fi rst Ukrainian School in Denmark. I really enjoy spending time there. At this school, I study Ukrainian language, culture, traditions and participate in various activities, most of them are charitable ones. My father is very interested in culture and traditions of Ukraine and enjoys Ukrainian cuisine. We often cook Ukrainian food at home and honor Ukrainian holidays. We watch Ukrainian TV, keep in touch with relatives and friends who stay in Ukraine. I am always very happy when we go visit our homeland! I love Ukraine!

In the painting, I portrayed the most famous symbol of Denmark – The Little Mermaid whose sculpture is located in Copenhagen. Everything around the sculpture is bright-colored and festive – balloons, snakes, boats and tourists … Yet the Mermaid seems so sad and lonely … I do not want my Ukraine to be lonely. But other countries have abandoned Her – and hopes turned into the sea foam. I wish She found her prince and love – she deserves freedom, better fate and place in this world!

Project categories: My flag goes where I go

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