Patience is a poultice for all wounds

Maria Liash, 11 years old, Ireland

My name is Marichka. I was born and live in Ireland. At school I speak English and study Irish. I speak Ukrainian well, I can also read and write. I have many friends – not only Irish, but children who have come to Ireland from other countries. Our city is a home to many Ukrainian families. Since the war began in Ukraine, we have all been helping Ukrainian army and displaced people in Ukraine. I was painting postcards and making bracelets, amulets in blue and yellow colors. Although my parents have lived in Ireland for a long time, they know and re- spect Ukrainian customs and traditions. At Easter, we bake Easter cake, paint Easter eggs; at Christmas, we cook Holy dinner and go caroling. Every year we go to Ukraine to see my grandparents, relatives and friends.

My family lives in a very old town of Waterford in eastern Ireland at the Irish Sea coast. In the picture, I painted Dunguaire Castle, located in County Galway. Green fi elds and pastures are all over Ireland; right on the outskirts of the city, you can see old farm houses, herds of cattle and fl ocks of sheep. I love animals, especially horses. So, in the picture, I drew Connemara ponies. This is an ancient Irish breed of pony, which is the tallest among all breeds of ponies. I like living in Ireland. The only thing that I would change is the weather.

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